Work stress- Intensity and shielding from impact

Close your eyes, sit straight and get ready for time travel. Take 5 deep breaths. Focus on the breathing for 1 minute. Let the breathing be natural. Ok, many of us will drift at this point. Those of you who can maintain focus can continue the next steps. For others take a pen and notebook.

Try noticing and noting the feeling. Forehead relaxed, temples and cheeks relaxed and in general face relaxed. Heart beat normal, no feeling of acidity, a general feeling of cooling of internal organs. If everything is ticking awesome, if some boxes are not ticking that’s fine as well. We are trying to be aware of and realize the state of relaxed being. This awareness of what it feels like to be relaxed many of us may have forgotten.

Now think back. When was the last time you felt the opposite? Short breaths, heart beat faster, general sense of irritation,… Maybe just before a meeting or just after a call. How long did it last? Maybe for a hour,few hours or whole day. Several of us have the habit of holding onto the feelings. We can’t compartmentalize the feelings, our energy levels to face it and the emotions involved. We are irritated at a lazy team member but then sit irritated at dinner. Atleast, I can relate to all these problems myself.

The solution probably lies in being able to compartmentalize. There are people who shout at a person and then turn towards another person and continue sweet talk. Finally they come home all excited for family time. This is the most ideal situation. Until we reach this, there is an alternative solution as well. Yoga for relaxation and calming down. We at Nandiyogapeetha have researched on ourselves and come up with a program designed for this. An immediate relief approach with Pranayama and Dharana, a regular sustenance with asana and then motivation with Satsang. Being in a group of like minded people who all face issues such as this will help to talk it out. It will help to know we are not alone in the world. All these packaged as a relaxation program. Interesting right? Join the group for details,


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