I attended and benefitted from this program “Workplace chair workout” and would like to recommend the same to you.

Sitting at work place for long hours? Feeling down/lethargic? Facing issues with shoulder pain, body pain and loss of focus?

Did you know that you can remove body stress with a regular workout on your Workplace chair?

Here’s what you’re going to discover in the Workplace chair workout :

Day 1 – Why the Workplace chair is a great companion to reduce body stress?

Day 2 – How to identify your energy flow and relax?

Day 3 – How to release stiffness and stretch?

Day 4 – How to unwind the body stress and simmer down?

Day 5 – What kind of practice to include in your daily routine for a lasting effect?

Once you have registered, we will be providing information to join a whatsapp group. We will provide all the further instructions in that group.

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